5~30pcs wipes packed in a single bag

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Material: Non-woven fabric or customized

Product specification: 1pcs

Product Size: Customized

Main ingredients: Customizable formula +EDI pure water+ non-woven cloth

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃

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5~30pcs Wipes Packed In A Single Bag

Material: Non-woven fabric or customized

Product specification: 1pcs

Product Size: Customized

Main ingredients: Customizable formula +EDI pure water+ non-woven cloth

Storage instructions: Store between 15-30℃ avoid freezing and exessive heat above 40℃



The wipes are generally made of spunlaced non-woven cloth. The texture is delicate , thick and not easy to penetrate. Packed in a single bag can guarantee the wipes are clean and isolation. And wipes in a single bag is portable and convenient for customer to take out for travel and on holiday. The wipes with moisturizing, small friction, antibacterial and other characteristics, can clean the skin at any time, can be used in the cleaning after the toilet, before the children playing with toys. When the child is sick, in order to avoid cross infection, it can also be used as a towel. It is widely used in cleaning, skin disinfection, sterilization for daily supplies, sanitary ware and to clean toys, glasses, mobile phone screen, mobile phone camera, camera lens. The most area is used in house, in office, in hospital or go out for travel. The internal film bag is sealed to prevent bacterial invasion and keep the wipes wet for a long time.The product packaging is unique and novel. The wipes paper size, formula and packages can be customized, which can easily meet customers’ demand. For instant, dry wipes,75% Alcohol wet wipes, Benzalkonium chloramine disinfection wet wipes,Medical sterilizing wet wipes,Baby wet wipes,pet wet wipes,Make-up remover wet wipes,Kitchen wet wipes and so on are all right to produce.
Disposable packaging is convenient for customer to use and throw into the bin.

Packing Mode

It can be customized according to the requirements of different cloth specifications and materials, and the corresponding quantity to match the corresponding packaging containers (such as: different specifications of the bag.).


It is also very simple to use, tear open the paster at the top of the package, then pull the wipes out. Seal the package and keep the paper towel moist.


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